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rom [ROM][Mi6][Nieoficjalny][8.1.0][VoLTE] Resurrection Remix v6.0.0 dla sagit

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    Aktualizacja do wersji RR-O-v6.0.0-20180220-sagit-Unofficial .zip


    Lista zmian:

    ▼ Resurrection Remix Oreo Ver 6.0.0 Changelog
       * android/
    dc335cb Update source size (#112)
       * build/make/
    e8c8409 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lineage-15.1' into oreo
       * device/xiaomi/sagit/
    a508afd Merge branch 'los-15.1' of into rr-o
       * frameworks/base/
    6e8bc7e SystemUI: properly adjust statusbar height on rotate as necessary
    622396e Use better implementation for Left Clock
       * packages/apps/LineageParts/
    e07290e Update privacy guard off color
       * vendor/codeaurora/telephony/
    3519b8a telephony: Allow devices to provide their own telephony-ext



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    Aktualizacja do wersji RR-O-v6.0.0-20180313-sagit-Unofficial .zip


    Lista zmian:


     Resurrection Remix Oreo Ver 6.0.0 Changelog


    * device/xiaomi/msm8998-common/
    79376d7 msm8998-common: use wahoo perf stack

    * frameworks/base/
    70eaea9 Merge branch 'oreo' of into oreo
    f7779a2 Merge branch 'oreo' of into oreo
    8f36fd2 SystemUI: Update PB statusbar logo

    * packages/apps/LineageParts/
    1bbdf92 LineageParts: update for Style APIs updates

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    f368d93 FuelGuage: Remove redundant battery percentage settings

    * vendor/xiaomi/msm8998-common/
    7eae3f9 use wahoo perf stack

    * vendor/xiaomi/sagit/
    b5c3e93 sagit blobs from MIUI 8.2.1


    * bootable/recovery/
    409a447 Update f2fs format code
    9a45e82 recovery: updater: Fix SymlinkFn args

    * device/xiaomi/msm8998-common/
    0491da3 msm8998-common: Convert to xiaomi_msm8998 target
    47d04ae msm8998-common: Add wahoo power HAL

    * frameworks/base/
    4dc1afb Performance: Memory Optimizations
    0f9d151 Fix random systemui crashes during cts test DO NOT MERGE
    db1f344 base: make settings_dark colors same as material_dark
    a4a2a20 base: update UiManager's night mode according to berry state
    822ceee SystemUI: allow the power menu to be relocated
    bbb00c4 Return of the ticker scroll [1/2]
    d38bbe2 Music ticker: once per track is enough

    * kernel/xiaomi/msm8998/
    01507b2 do not call trace_printk on non-debug build
    065291c defconfig: sagit/chiron: enable EAS
    8ff7571 msm: mdss: add idle state node
    44ad250 msm: mdss: save state of vsync handler
    874082a ANDROID: cpufreq: stats: Fix sleeping while atomic in cpufreq_task_stats_init
    cf5d2b3 ANDROID: cpufreq: stats: Fix NULL policy scenarios
    2f3e406 ANDROID: sched/fair: Select correct capacity state for energy_diff
    feea039 sched/cgroup: Move sched_online_group() back into css_online() to fix crash
    144766a softirq, sched: reduce softirq conflicts with RT
    515d262 ANDROID: sched: rt: schedtune: Add boost retention to RT
    7cf5feb ANDORID: sched/rt: fix schedtune accouting on prio change
    4680ccd Revert "Move sync logic out of select_energy_cpu_brute"
    6195f2a sched/fair: Fix issue where frequency update not skipped
    c2c3913 sched: honor sync only if CPU is about to goto idle
    fd3121b Move sync logic out of select_energy_cpu_brute
    dd370fc UPSTREAM: sched/core: Allow putting thread_info into task_struct
    7982006 sched/fair: Skip frequency updates if CPU about to idle
    2a93c1e Revert "sched/fair: ensure utilization signals are synchronized before use"
    dc157fe ANDROID: cpufreq: stats: add per task/uid/freq/cluster stats
    5267096 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: use now as reference when aggregating shared policy requests
    a38a449 sched/tune: fix tracepoint location
    dae90ea cpufreq/sched: Consider max cpu capacity when choosing frequencies
    c30d9f0 Revert "Revert "ANDROID: sched/rt: rt cpu selection integration with EAS.""
    b2ee916 FROMLIST: sched: Make iowait_boost optional in schedutil
    63d09bd FROMLIST: cpufreq: Make iowait boost a policy option
    842bbf1 sched/tune: Fix compilation for CONFIG_SCHED_HMP=n
    1333aff Revert "sched: turn off the TTWU_QUEUE feature"
    917f0d6 sched/walt: Re-add code to allow WALT to function
    ebec04a ARM: dts: msm: add HW CPU's busy-cost-data for additional freqs
    ecf8359 ARM: dts: msm: fix CPU's idle-cost-data
    986d0d4 ARM: dts: msm: fix EM to be monotonically increasing
    c812865 ARM: dts: msm: Fix EAS idle-cost-data property length
    79aff45 ARM: dts: msm: Add msm8998 energy model
    cce0dd4 Revert "ANDROID: sched/fair: Select correct capacity state for energy_diff"
    15854a1 tty: add tty_port_set_policy function
    1045680 tty: check before stopping kthread
    ca61439 tty: move tty_port workqueue to be a kthread
    0a9a101 msm_serial_hs: make the Bluetooth tty thread RT
    e3ede84 serial: msm_serial_hs: Protect spurious irqs after wakeup irq enablement
    047881b Make msm_serial_hs RT to improve bluetooth performance
    c259e8c usb: dwc3-msm: Remove indefinite wakeup
    e6a2de9 msm-tsens: Reschedule work instead of causing uninterruptible sleep
    6ad45aa power: qpnp-fg-gen3: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
    209b415 drivers: power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
    7ed9bbe power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
    dce8323 qcom: msm-core: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
    63cfc23 PM: devfreq: Use high priority workqueue
    11b7bb9 kgsl: Increase priority of RT thread
    850814d qcom: msm-core: uninterruptible wait - you can kiss my arse goodbye
    5bda5ba qcom: mpm: use interruptible wait to reduce load avg
    03938f8 dts: msm8998: Reduce msm-core polling rate to 100ms
    de9ef66 fs: ecryptfs: use size_to_store_key to get encryption key size
    76d88ff leds: qpnp-wled: add 600kHz freq
    8753981 camera_v2: import xiaomi changes
    4ed92ac Revert "ion: ensure CMO target is valid"
    849983f tfa98xx: fix self assigment errors
    9aed268 sound: properly include elliptic drivers headers
    13ac470 sound: import xiaomi changes
    d2a7d4d power: import xiaomi changes
    9165406 nq-nfc: import xiaomi changes
    af87856 drivers: log wakeup reasons
    37548bf synaptics_dsx_force: allow reversing back and menu keys
    5e9720d synaptics_dsx_force: symlink input device to /proc/touchpanel
    74d36e9 synaptics_dsx_force: check if buttons are enabled before reporting touch event
    fccfc4d synpatics_dsx_force: alias sysfs nodes
    609f874 touchscreen: import synaptics_dsx_force driver
    b15d913 clk: mdss: silence slave PLL unavailable message
    b56578b mdss: add hooks for touchscreen
    68ca7ce goodix_ta: allow filtering home key events
    6922f9a fpc1268: Allow filtering of key events
    cf2b5cc fingerprint: add fpc1020_tee and goodix_ta drivers
    7e8a5b7 rc: import peelir driver
    85c4494 arm64: add bootinfo
    a9f8af5 defconfig: sagit/chiron: Enable JUMP_LABEL
    3d76133 defconfig: sagit/chiron: update
    1af7148 defconfig: sagit/chiron: disable unused configs
    4d7105af defconfig: sagit/chiron: Enable BFQ, set NOOP as default
    1280e0a arm64: configs: add xiaomi msm8998 defconfigs
    bf1faa8 dts: sagit: remove deprecated haptics misc trim error
    ff7178c dts: sagit: rewrite notification led configutation
    cf00491 dts: xiaomi: msm8998: add ramoops memory regions
    9360009 dts: xiaomi: msm8998: increase max haptic mv
    5988313 dts: xiaomi: msm8998: Disable UART connector
    6457b8a dts: xiaomi: msm8998: cleanup panel properties
    5b1252f dts: qcom: add xiaomi msm8998 support
    76a310d platform: add xiaomi board selection
    6a0b2f3 BACKPORT: dm bufio: avoid sleeping while holding the dm_bufio lock
    e21ada4 BACKPORT: dm bufio: don't take the lock in dm_bufio_shrink_count
    71075d0 ion: avoid allocate high order of pages in system heap pools
    cdb4760 pwm-qpnp: fix return value in pwm_change_mode
    3ff8b21 BACKPORT: mm: fix pageblock heuristic
    782bccc HACK: arm64: add CNTPCT_EL0 trap handler
    acbaa79 msm-poweroff: always perform warm reset
    d63f7ee ANDROID: ARM64: smp: disable preempt in backtracing across all cores
    bd621bb mm, thp: Do not make page table dirty unconditionally in touch_p[mu]d()
    6816685 arm64: strcmp: align to 64B cache line
    a59d099 firmware_class: make firmware caching configurable
    c534561 mm: slub: Default slub_max_order to 0
    3616813 soc: qcom: smp2p: Fix compilation when SMP2P_TEST is disabled
    a01a02b cpuidle: don't disable cpuidle when entering suspend
    55a7215 ANDROID: pstore: Use vmalloc for large allocations due to ramoops size
    0f53458 qpnp-haptic: make its strength adjustable via VibratorHW
    ee20694 Convert few critical drivers to use msecs_to_jiffies insted of HZ
    6ca09c7 include: asm-generic: do not hard code HZ to 100
    52795e4 msm: clock-osm: Use CLKFLAG_NO_RATE_CACHE for pwrcl and perfcl clk
    7766ed4 qcom-cpufreq: Use CLKFLAG_NO_RATE_CACHE
    461704d fs/exec: fix use after free in execve
    eb16184 kernel: Fix potential refcount leak in su check
    c10926b kernel: Only expose su when daemon is running
    e0664fc include/linux/dcache.h: use unsigned chars in struct name_snapshot
    9997954 drivers: qcacld-3.0: Fix another Clang enum conversion warning
    e221883 drivers: staging: qcacld-3.0: Fix enum conversion warnings from Clang
    cc4d6f6 drivers: staging: qcacld-3.0: treat more clang warnings as no-error
    a8df1dd drivers: staging: qcacld-3.0: increase clang frame-larger-than threshold
    4f3843d drivers: staging: qcacld-3.0: don't treat some clang warnings as errors
    3de6ca6 drivers: staging: qcacld-3.0: remove questionable "bitmask" constants
    70f0ee2 staging: qca-wifi-host-cmn: fix hif_napi when core_ctl not in config
    3d5e86a Fix Kbuild to enable WLAN debugfs support
    576d248 kernel: sched: Fix constant logical operand Clang warning
    5afe3a1 CHROMIUM: kbuild: clang: Disable the 'duplicate-decl-specifier' warning
    94fc145 module: Remove const attribute from alias for MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
    87ce5b9 Input: mousedev - fix implicit conversion warning
    17cb4b7 cfg80211: Support backport of removing ieee80211
    61a70df BACKPORT: cfg80211: remove enum ieee80211_band
    d8a956d ANDROID: HACK: Makefile: fix all build warnings for in tree code
    5c6262c ion: system_secure_heap: fix constant logical comparison bug
    52eb344 drivers: firmware: qcom: more specific -Wno-* subdirs
    c99e086 ANDROID: HACK: Makefile: whitelist CFLAGS to reenable Werror
    b97ab73 UPSTREAM: nl80211: Fix enum type of variable in nl80211_put_sta_rate()
    a06d7d3 BACKPORT: netfilter: ctnetlink: Make some parameters integer to avoid enum mismatch
    90ffd8d BACKPORT: kernel.h: handle pointers to arrays better in container_of()
    ea4a888 BACKPORT: bug: split BUILD_BUG stuff out into <linux/build_bug.h>
    83cccca FROMLIST: netfilter: nf_nat_h323: fix logical-not-parentheses warning
    82ecf2a FROMLIST: mm/zsmalloc: Change stat type parameter to int
    1b89acd UPSTREAM: mm/zsmalloc.c: fix -Wunneeded-internal-declaration warning
    49188ee UPSTREAM: llist: clang: introduce member_address_is_nonnull()
    9c75bd3 msm: sde: fix unaligned memory read
    0d3b069 soc: qcom: smp2p: fix __iomem access in SMP2P_{GET,SET}_*
    df231efb BACKPORT: PCI: Make PCI_ROM_ADDRESS_MASK a 32-bit constant
    0d16ad2 UPSTREAM: dm ioctl: remove double parentheses
    c2fbbad UPSTREAM: dmaengine: Fix array index out of bounds warning in __get_unmap_pool()
    5f53585 BACKPORT: kbuild: clang: Disable 'address-of-packed-member' warning
    c4aaf3c BACKPORT: compiler, clang: properly override 'inline' for clang
    cc14272 BACKPORT: compiler, clang: suppress warning for unused static inline functions
    05631bb BACKPORT: compiler, clang: always inline when CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING is disabled
    87b2e5f UPSTREAM: kbuild: fix asm-offset generation to work with clang
    9fb4243 UPSTREAM: kbuild: consolidate redundant sed script ASM offset generation
    ad2960e UPSTREAM: kbuild: Consolidate header generation from ASM offset information
    6319f05 drivers: media: msm: don't use nested functions
    39e97e5 drivers: soc: qcom: fix register names on ARM64
    3369146 ANDROID: HACK: futex, LLVMLinux: don't optimize futex_detect_cmpxchg() on ARM64
    f29d705 ANDROID: HACK: arm64, LLVMLinux: replace prfm instruction in spin_lock_prefetch()
    8427b1b ANDROID: HACK: arm64, LLVMLinux: use -mno-implicit-float
    bf1542d ANDROID: HACK: arm64: crypto, LLVMLinux: explictly pass -mcpu option to gas
    0914c29 ANDROID: HACK: firmware, LLVMLinux: fix EFI libstub with clang
    986e8ce UPSTREAM: crypto: arm64/sha - avoid non-standard inline asm tricks
    db329c7 ANDROID: kasan, LLVMLinux: add clang-specific CFLAGS_KASAN
    c77a162 ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: disable clang -Wpointer-bool-conversion
    0c2f41c ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: allow overriding clang target triple
    7c604f8 ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: fix GCC_TOOLCHAIN definition
    350b57d ANDROID: drivers: acpi: fix link error with ACPI_PROCESSOR=y, ACPI_PROCESSOR_IDLE=n
    10efc9b LINARO: Add -meabi gnu to the clang parameters
    20906e7 LLVMLINUX: DO-NOT-UPSTREAM arm64, LLVMLinux: prfm
    728dd95 LLVMLINUX: DO-NOT-UPSTREAM crypto: LLVMLinux: Explicitly pass through assembler options
    e9a519a LLVMLINUX: LLVMLinux: use -Oz instead of -Os when using clang
    278d29a LLVMLINUX: kbuild, LLVMLinux: Add -Werror to cc-option to support clang
    e9ad630 LLVMLINUX: kbuild, LLVMLinux: Add more compiler options for clang
    be59ad8 LLVMLINUX: fs, LLVMLinux: Remove warning from COMPATIBLE_IOCTL
    fdb66eb LLVMLINUX: Kbuild: LLVMLinux: Disable the use of the Integrated Assembler when compiling with Clang
    0cd9b88 LLVMLINUX: kbuild, LLVMLinux: Add better clang cross build support
    bc8e8079 UPSTREAM: locking/static_keys: Avoid nested functions
    04c042a block: bfq: Update backing_dev_info to be a pointer
    bd521df block, bfq: update to latest bfq-v8-v4.4 state
    7078f85 block, bfq: add Early Queue Merge (EQM) to BFQ-v7r11 for 4.4.0
    494d380 block: introduce the BFQ-v7r11 I/O sched for 4.4.0
    b775042 block: cgroups, kconfig, build bits for BFQ-v7r11-4.4.0
    b999cb7 include/uapi/linux/if_pppox.h: include linux/if.h
    a555f37 netfilter: fix include files for compilation
    d259c4f staging: qcacld-3.0: Advertize set tx power limit capability

    * lineage-sdk/
    8d4ce5e sdk: workaround for runtime-permission request dialog with GooglePackageManager
    add4ee5 sdk: fixes for documentation
    927a9c2 sdk: Styles API finalization for API9

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    cb9f5e7 Return of ticker scroll [2/2]

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    e4a946e Snap: fix copy and paste fail


    * device/rr/sepolicy/
    6ce9bc7 Merge branch 'oreo' of into oreo
    10580bc sepolicy: add style api
    6c0cdb0 sepolicy: add style api
    9743af1 sepolicy: Fix neverallow on user builds

    * device/xiaomi/msm8998-common/
    c5ee424 msm8998-common: enable mmap audio

    * frameworks/base/
    90fa0e6 PackageManager: Catch possible NPE from unparsed platform package
    9dc1619 LiveDisplayTile: Avoid NPE during boot up phase

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    d600a3b Snap: add missing null check on isCamera2Supported
    ea3d12e Snap: don't try to set up cameras with ids greater than MAX_NUM_CAM

    * system/core/
    cb7771f Merge branch 'lineage-15.1' of into oreo


    * bootable/recovery/
    58decb0 Revert "recovery: Fix format_volume for f2fs"
    b649667 recovery: Fix redraws, flickering, and animation
    6f54468 updater: Fix and improve allowing devices to suppress BLKDISCARD
    56063ff updater: Fix allowing devices to suppress BLKDISCARD

    * device/xiaomi/msm8998-common/
    593c519 msm8998-common: compile kernel with clang
    664797e DNM: msm8998-common: logcat to cache
    86cd9b7 DNM: msm8998-common: switch to permissive selinux
    d0dc723 msm8998-common: sepolicy: remove broad uncrypt rules
    8907bc5 msm8998-common: sepolicy: remove no longer needed tftp server check rules
    674918f msm8998-common: sepolicy: remove no longer needed init_shell kmsg write permission
    6f14c5a msm8998-common: sepolicy: nuke deprecated netmgrd labels
    bdb527e msm8998-common: sepolicy: nuke sysmatdrv policy
    0ef6980 msm8998-common: sepolicy: remove sms-sec relabel
    d54f8a7 msm8998-common: sepolicy: adapt fingerprint sepolicy to oreo hals
    85890d9 msm8998-common: sepolicy: remove deprecated rules
    1bfee6a msm8998-common: sepolicy: Use create_socket_perms_no_ioctl to avoid neverallows
    e319219 msm8998-common: Build LiveDisplay HAL
    8add14e msm8998-common: Remove unused overlays
    35a47b3 msm8998-common: Rebrand lineage-sdk overlay & fix light capabilities
    501871d msm8998-common: Remove unused f2fs flags
    13503de msm8998-common: Update for Snap rebrand
    0f25434 msm8998-common: rootdir: remove unused services
    31a9d40 msm8998-common: rootdir: move services to system-background cgroup
    332b70c msm8998-common: rootdir: refactor power and performance settings
    27b0f29 msm8998-common: turn fingerprint wrapper intro a hidl service
    8e225d9 msm8998-common: include all blueprint modules
    297727c msm8998-common: build hidl gps and gps service
    af27bac msm8998-common: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: import from LA.UM.6.4.r1-06900-8x98.0
    f4c8bd2 msm8998-common: gps: import from LA.UM.6.4.r1-04900-8x98.0
    dbf8230 msm8998-common: lineagehw: rebrand
    eb4b2ac msm8998-camera: shim miui camera hal
    83b9ae3 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: pin MI Camera HAL to MIUI 8.1.18
    8c26176 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: cleanup proprietary GPS blobs
    b288fd7 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: move fingerprint blobs to device
    770c4a4 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: use stock widevine
    88860f8 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: add more camera blobs
    9288140 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: add new blobs from MIUI 8.2.1
    7be7066 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: sort blobs
    6b3f627 msm8998-common: proprietary-files: move blobs as found on MIUI 8.2.1
    6c1be8e msm8998-common: proprietary-files: remove blobs that do not exist in MIUI 8.2.1
    a0626f5 msm8998-common: update kernel cmdline from MIUI 8.2.1
    4c7c254 msm8998-common: system.prop: update from MIUI 8.2.1
    5783187 msm8998-common: init: Change ownership of wifi firmware reload sysfs paths
    ff7624a msm8998-common: rootdir: fstab: properly label dsp partition
    99810a6 msm8998-common: rootdir: simplify panel vendor and color detection
    f9109b9 msm8998-common: rootdir: import from MIUI 8.2.1
    07bbd5f msm8998-common: move qseecomd wait to init.rc
    5f4deef msm8998-common: fstab: import changes from MIUI 8.2.1
    204fcbe msm8998-common: rootdir: move files to vendor/{bin,etc}
    b310c4d msm8998-common: manifest: cleanup
    bd83565 msm8998-common: Switch to vendor.display.config 1.1
    bec05a3 msm8998-common: import manifest and compatibility matrix from MIUI 8.2.1
    7e823e2 msm8998-common: configs: sec_config: update from MIUI 8.2.1
    8e090a0 msm8998-common: configs: wifi: import from MIUI 8.2.1
    65ee2b2 msm8998-common: configs: media: remove unsupported media codecs and profiles
    f7b8fbd msm8998-common: configs: media: update from MIUI 8.2.1
    dbc3841 msm8998-common: configs: gps: update from MIUI 8.2.1
    29d39dc msm8998-common: configs: audio: update from MIUI 8.2.1
    9c40e45 msm8998-common: import qti privileged app permissions from MIUI 8.2.1
    2521587 msm8998-common: import qti low power whitelist from MIUI 8.2.1
    90b8834 msm8998-common: import media seccomp policy from MIUI 8.2.1
    fb0abdd msm8998-common: import config.fs from LA.UM.6.4.r1-06900-8x98.0
    b3fa144 msm8998-common: enable gralloc1 and hwc2, set proper phase offsets
    edcd86a msm8998-common: Set IMS to use CodeAurora extension
    61d6bf3 msm8998-common: build textclassifier
    dba1dbc msm8998-common: Build qdMetaData.system
    3deb189 msm8998-common: Build Weaver HAL
    0fc3724 msm8998-common: Build RCS and telephony-ext
    13e8ca2 msm8998-common: Build QTI HIDL power 1.1 HAL
    c34ca2c msm8998-common: Build Lineage vibrator HAL
    3d3dd6f msm8998-common: Build QTI camera HIDL extension
    0908895 msm8998-common: Build libandroid_net
    e463948 msm8998-common: Build netd HAL and netutils wrapper
    2048655 msm8998-common: Build libbt-vendor
    314d720 msm8998-common: build libdisplayconfig
    8b59a2d msm8998-common: build all hidl packages found on MIUI 8.2.1
    6ef6c7c msm8998-common: Do not build audiod
    afe679b msm8998-common: Use hardware feature definition to indicate Passpoint support
    8d84785 msm8998-common: Enable vulkan compute feature
    5177140 msm8998-common: move device configs to vendor
    f0b0719 msm8998-common: Update RFS symlinks
    22bb127 msm8998-common: add slpi symlinks
    aceb8d2 msm8998-common: Switch to cortex-a73 CPU variants
    26f48a9 msm8998-common: enable A2DP split
    14b9b16 msm8998-common: remove unused flags
    49a920a msm8998-common: Remove blur overlay
    37f0e6f msm8998-common: overlay: Update overlay to hide sRGB toggle
    8bb0c57 msm8998-common: Build dummy android.hidl.[base,manager]@1.0
    3243bff msm8998-common: Advertize HWC2 color transform support
    78c292d msm8998-common: Dex-preopt boot and system server
    e7e381f msm8998-common: Move Lineage specific overlays to overlay-lineage
    2ae7b77 msm8998-common: Enforce RRO on framework-res
    3f323a1 msm8998-common: pin .vdex files as well
    1dff009 msm8998-common: Remove no longer used hostapd configs
    2371ff5 msm8998-common: Remove unnecessary sdcardfs prop
    3626683 msm8998-common: Use AOSP NFC HAL
    4f197b8 msm8999-common: Doze: Build with AAPT2
    ab197f8 msm8998-common: Doze: Re-integrate into Settings
    f2889ae msm8998-common: Doze: Apply LineageOS rebrand
    86aad15 msm8998-common: recovery: Update for O

    * hardware/qcom/display/
    466c608 msm8974: Move QCOM HALs to vendor partition
    35a7b6a hwc: msm8084: Set ioprio for vsync thread
    fe84e7d display: Don't use gnu-oldstyle field designators
    a7b6e48 msm8084: include kernel headers
    45f6cfe msm8960: copybit: Fix type conversion error for GCC 4.7
    96f36a5 display: add TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBLIGHT
    db1c905 display: Always assume kernel source is present
    c3af3f4 Revert "msm8974: deprecate msm8974"

    * hardware/qcom/gps/
    e375f8c msm8974: Return the correct length of nmea sentence
    cd4b7f5 msm8974: Don't rely on transitively included headers
    aa21dd8 msm8974: Fix logging level and remove nmea log
    7a6cc46 msm8974: Fix duplicate gps.conf for hammerhead
    53199be msm8974: Move device dependent modules to /vendor
    87ae4d6 msm8974: Cleanup obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE
    3b31cc3 msm8974: Default apn ip type to ipv4
    a1f9895 msm8974: Add missing liblog dependency
    9100f0e Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"
    a00e4ad Revert "msm8974: deprecate msm8974"

    * hardware/ril/
    e73eaff libril: Protect against NULL unsolicited response function

    * lineage-sdk/
    0be4760 Revert "lineage-sdk: Update the way OMS records details about overlays"

    * packages/apps/LineageParts/
    4c6326a Revert "LineageParts: Update the way OMS records details about overlays"

    * system/core/
    418b50f adb: host: Provide better sideload status


    * frameworks/base/
    27e1070 Merge branch 'oreo' of into HEAD
    e01fddc Revert "OMS: Only allow trusted overlays to be registered."

    * kernel/xiaomi/msm8998/
    3de7c4f staging: qcacld-3.0: Load driver on late initcall when not built as a module
    f56db80 staging: qcacld-3.0: Fix Kconfig
    bb77b4b staging: qcacld-3.0: Cleanup unused file
    7178f46 drivers: staging: add qcacld-3.0

    * packages/apps/CarrierConfig/
    8f44654 CarrierConfig: HoT and tele.ring (232 07) may roam on T-Mobile (232 03)

    * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    7cd4469 Fix the issue of view don't reload when onPause
    3c2f100 Fix FC of parsing uri is null
    ba099de SDGallery:Fix monkey FC when url from pick activity is null
    6d57bca Don't show Camera Icon when no pictures found in Albums
    15e538a SnapdragonGallery: Fix crash show dialog when activity finished
    385313d Fix custom filter don't work when first click after back to original
    de46c7f SnapdragonGallery: Fix dialog dismiss when home
    25eaa5b SnapdragonGallery: Fix multithread synchronization in screenReceiver

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    80cb019 Merge branch 'oreo' of into HEAD
    19a3aea Revert "Update the way OMS records details about overlays"


    * build/make/
    f32592e [TEMP] Disable Script enhancments & fix build
    bf27fe0 pathmap: Move RIL path mapping to core/

    * frameworks/base/
    758dc30 Revert "Visualizer: Adjust for volume level"
    e19c2df Revert "framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices with abnormal hw rotation"
    6f30345 storage: Set all sdcards to visible

    * hardware/qcom/fm/

    * kernel/xiaomi/msm8998/
    fd7d9ab Add 'drivers/staging/qcacld-3.0/' from commit 'ba4253d334c37f0655722e25ba0359d8de2b8ecd'
    e12b74d Add 'drivers/staging/qca-wifi-host-cmn/' from commit '4d5cccd3c2135bfff7049ecde1dc48fe7964b750'
    67e6107 Add 'drivers/staging/fw-api/' from commit 'e33e63ed1bb884c95d68f546d24d008b794d1b17'

    * packages/apps/AudioFX/

    * packages/apps/Bluetooth/

    * packages/apps/Camera2/

    * packages/apps/CarrierConfig/
    dec7923 Disable OTA for U.S. Cellular since there is no need for it

    * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/

    * packages/apps/CertInstaller/

    * packages/apps/Contacts/

    * packages/apps/Dialer/

    * packages/apps/DocumentsUI/

    * packages/apps/Eleven/

    * packages/apps/Email/

    * packages/apps/ExactCalculator/

    * packages/apps/FMRadio/

    * packages/apps/Gallery2/

    * packages/apps/Messaging/

    * packages/apps/Nfc/

    * packages/apps/Recorder/

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    7e01a97 Add Mi Max 2 (#929)

    * packages/apps/Snap/

    * packages/apps/StorageManager/

    * packages/apps/Tag/

    * packages/apps/TvSettings/

    * packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/

    * packages/providers/CalendarProvider/

    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/

    * packages/screensavers/Basic/

    * packages/services/BuiltInPrintService/

    * vendor/rr/
    9e0c225 Revert "pathmap: remove duplicate include-path-for"
    86f6b37 lineage: Enable wifi wakeup config option


    * android/
    adcb164 Track own fw native
    4c0f4db manifest: Track awk

    * bootable/recovery/
    a55e565 recovery: Add awk lib and driver

    * build/make/
    7de6b66 Revert "Place TARGET_FS_CONFIG_GEN passwd/group files in /vendor/etc"
    d6fd02f products: make targets used for addonsu inherit from lineage
    1cd24fe config: use AOSP RIL for non-lineage builds
    782d637 build: unconditionally use lineage pathmap
    73df7dc Move ART default properties into system partition
    4abba68 Revert "build: Add new variable to hold generic build properties"
    21679da Allow setting the recovery density separately from the aapt config
    4b0d488 dumpvar: Dump RECOVERY_VARIANT if not empty
    7cfd9e0 Add dumpvar for WITH_SU
    83466b0 core: include in otatools

    * frameworks/native/
    c5a051f Revert "InputDispatcher: On keypress, deliver keycode to pokeUserActivity"
    811e2d4 Revert "PowerManager.h: Define USER_ACTIVITY_FLAG values"
    6e58bf0 InputDispatcher: On keypress, deliver keycode to pokeUserActivity
    dcbb80b PowerManager.h: Define USER_ACTIVITY_FLAG values

    * lineage-sdk/
    5c7ec8a LineageSettings: Add a setting for button backlight only when pressed
    210184b lineage-sdk: Update the way OMS records details about overlays
    ddffa32 sdk: introduce Style API

    * packages/apps/LineageParts/
    75d5b99 LineageParts: Update the way OMS records details about overlays
    2a486eb LineageParts: switch to Style API
    b7a900d LineageParts: Update our NFC profile mime type

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    d09729f Update Galaxy S5 Maintainers (#927)
    88bc581 Update Hammerhead Maintainer (#928)
    71ab59e Add Zuk Z2 PRO Maintainer (#926)
    5c64076 Update cancro maintainer (#925)

    * prebuilts/lineage-sdk/
    767ea95 Add old APIs info

    * vendor/rr/
    3b54468 lineage: Add awk
    b909c28 qcom_target: Move RIL path mapping to core/
    2476b9f pathmap: remove duplicate include-path-for
    622cf92 vendor: add style api
    a13bd3e backuptool: Take into account new location for system default props
    bb74b1e lineage: Move to Google's method of defining system default props
    173bbdd extract_utils: Fix vendor framework makefile generation
    bb5d6ce extract-utils: Use LOCAL_VENDOR_FILE instead of LOCAL_PROPRIETARY_FILE




    Pobierz:!GIJTVQTT!3ZKDOwQeiWflNqkbDNrxefOCEVGKZEKLs_qsSkC4YdE lub

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    Aktualizacja do wersji RR-O-v6.0.0-20180318-sagit-Unofficial .zip


    Lista zmian:

    Fix all audio related issues (Bluetooth, in game etc)
    More information on the changelog




    Recovery: twrp-3.2.1-0-sagit-blankaf-3.img
    GAPPS: OpenGApps for Oreo 8.1

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    Aktualizacja do wersji


    Lista zmian:

    Nie została podana




    Recovery: twrp-3.2.1-0-sagit-blankaf-3.img
    ROM:!KcZgRJya!vTHXPKI5qOaeq948cyeBtz0x-hKfoeM98oB-zHZLL4U lub
    GAPPS: OpenGApps for Oreo 8.1




    "Dirty" Flashing Guide

    • Backup
      • Data (excl. storage)
    • Wipe > Advanced Wipe
      • Dalvik / ART Cache
      • Cache
      • System
      • Data
      • Vendor
    • Install >
    • Reboot > System
    • Once booted completely
    • Reboot > Advanced > Recovery
    • Install >
    • Reboot > System
    • Once booted completely
    • Reboot > Advanced > Recovery
    • Flash GApps and/or any other zips
    • Restore > Data (excl. storage)
    • Reboot > System
    • Profit.


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    Aktualizacja do wersji RR-O-v6.0.0-20180417-sagit-Unofficial .zip


    Lista zmian:

    Resurrection Remix Oreo Ver 6.0.0 Changelog
       * android/
    8f46c5e lineage: Track our own openssh repo
       * frameworks/base/
    6fb5a705e8a settings: Allow accessing LineageSettings via settings command
    4dad570b6a4 frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions
    2de1bbac502 Keyguard: Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock
    de95f241316 fingerprint: notify client when cancelling succeeded
    7522061652a SettingsProvider: explicitly include android support libs
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/apq8084/
    29e06f3f9 mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Disallow changing buffer modes/counts on allocated ports
    a42a7cda3 mm-video-v4l2: venc: Disallow changing buffer count/size on allocated port
    bda60bfca mm-video-v4l2: vidc: Add support for OMX_IndexConfigAndroidIntraRefresh
    f24ca0204 mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Add range check before native_buffer usage
    a7047b28a mm-video-v4l2: vidc: fix matching of extension strings
    eb2d7c886 mm-video-v4l2: venc: Advertise constrained profiles for AVC encoder
    f2501151c fix circular dependency libnativewindow <-> libui
       * lineage-sdk/
    35cfcf8 sdk: Remove low power restrictions on color control
    c6efd51 LineageSettingsProvider: explicitly include android support libs
    7b03987 README: Point to the new wiki
    df88839 lineage-sdk: Update validators for button settings
    aa63b85 sdk: ilama API (9)
    c46556e Merge branch 'oreo' of into oreo
       * packages/apps/LineageParts/
    5f15b5a Revert "LineageParts: Build with AAPT2"
    d61bd6b LineageParts: Build with AAPT2
    1f3af6f ButtonSettings: Add a toggle for button backlight only when pressed
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    e5ad8ca59e Settings: use LineageHW serial number
       * vendor/rr/
    bee95bc8 Fix Android "Work Profiles" also known as AfW 'Android for Work'
    dcc15fc5 apn: Add protocol for fido and rogers
    c7e26309 build: dt_image: support prebuilt DT images
    b620ca7a lineage: enable building otatools with generic targets
       * frameworks/base/
    32663db20c0 Quick settings panel : Set transparency [1/2]
    de3f4687981 Fw_base - custom Toast color options (1/2)
       * hardware/qcom/power/
    ed3426d power: fix sysfs_read/sysfs_write usage
    158576f power: add back check for ro.vendor.extension_library
    abe7e65 power: msm8952: Minor code cleanup
    6204c67 power: msm8996: Remove dead code
    8c55d3c power: msm8974: POWER_HINT_INTERACTION improvements
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    1e80584e33 minor typo in strings
    1c0e8980b7 QS panel: Set transparency [2/2]
    d5945c3b5c Settings - custom Toast color options (2/2)
       * vendor/rr/
    dc91a376 bootanimation: Use version on lower sizes (#112)
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/apq8084/
    50725790e libc2dcolorconvert: Fix address in unmap call
    ddf4a35e5 hal: Added LOCAL_VENDOR_MODULE to set output path of the binaries
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8974/
    adc438b8f mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Disallow changing buffer modes/counts on allocated ports
    2c2ca636c mm-video-v4l2: venc: Disallow changing buffer count/size on allocated port
       * frameworks/base/
    c95f3f7b073 OMS: Dismantle FLAG_OVERLAY_TRUSTED check in isOverlayPackage
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    8dc1abc45e Update resurrection_device_maintainers_strings.xml
       * device/xiaomi/sagit/
    00c03f6 Fix build     - Generate required RR system.prop values
       * external/openssh/
    836dcfa Revert SSHDIR to /data/ssh
    bcbc739 _PATH_SSH_PROGRAM should point to ssh not sftp - this fixes scp
       * frameworks/native/
    87e2b4280 Merge pull request #3 from Adriannemerenco/oreo
       * vendor/rr/
    247c7bf5 Update Features.mkdn
       * android/
    edf7966 manifest: Sync HVX neuralnetworks HAL
    6e7b438 lineage: Sync NXP NFC stack
       * build/make/
    92459a622 core: include when TARGET_COPY_OUT_VENDOR=system
    f300b30f0 core: Dont overwrite build.prop when TARGET_COPY_OUT_VENDOR=system
    0e77d271d Install (vendor|system/vendor)/build.prop always
    3b65b173e dumpvar: Dump TARGET_USE_SDCLANG
    d54e7653c binary: Append cc/cxx wrapper to sdclang
    cacf04289 build: Require devices to opt-in for SDCLANG
    11f1cfc91 Turn off sdclang for cfi sanitizer
    49e041dfc Add support for using the secondary SDLLVM toolchain
    d45f9cceb Control building shared libs, static libs and executables with SDLLVM LTO
    39f42fba8 Add support for building with proprietary compiler
    43557b318 build: build generic lineage targets from vendor/lineage
    06d2f9dad Revert "products: make targets used for addonsu inherit from lineage"
       * frameworks/native/
    c7735b636 Merge remote-tracking branch 'LineageOS/lineage-15.1' into oreo
       * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8998/
    e043b4664 audio: Fixes for VNDK_VERSION=current
    1a5c4cb65 Make libqcomvoiceprocessing build with the VNDK.
    17fcdfed7 Make libqcomvisualizer build with the VNDK.
    1e3c7598c Make libqcompostprocbundle build with the VNDK.
    384873799 Build audio.primary.* with BOARD_VNDK_VERSION
    35a5ab523 Add libhardware_headers and libsystem_headers to modules
       * hardware/qcom/bt-caf/
    2c5d2c5 Add missing headers to libbt-vendor
       * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8998/
    e533c7910 Add GLESv3 as a dependency.
    a00dbd8e3 Fix libcutils private headers
    ce4ce8932 Build libqdMetaData with BOARD_VNDK_VERSION
    01b92deb2 Build lights.msm8998 with the VNDK.
    9008131a3 Use header lib instead of using global include path
    7dfb3a7d8 Mark msm8998 modules LOCAL_VENDOR_MODULE
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8998/
    91db4db97 fix circular dependency libnativewindow <-> libui
       * system/core/
    75790f6e0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'LineageOS/lineage-15.1' into oreo
       * system/sepolicy/
    02863ef5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'LineageOS/lineage-15.1' into oreo
       * vendor/rr/
    7bda2d85 rr: fix path for some stuff
    9a34260e write_makefiles: fix paths in BUILD_PREBUILT with destination
    d034b95e repopick: Allow to pick changes by URL
    fbbc8c8b repopick: Actually print the patchset number
    aa960277 repopick: Ignore the trailing slash in change numbers
    1223973f repopick: Try to keep the changes sorted
    b61f5f48 lineage: Camera2 priv-app permissions whitelist
    6ec04d19 vendor: More priv-app whitelist updates
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    ee06de5638 Add Twitter and pitchblack links into about section




    Recovery: twrp-3.2.1-0-sagit-blankaf-3.img
    Firmware: miui_MI6Global_8.3.8

    ROM!CR4CCYrT!Ps3sw6DR8f-4hq4snCTBCgTZ486Qbx4_CJNgsowUq4k lub
    GAPPS: OpenGApps dla Oreo 8.1


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    Oczywiście nie instalowałeś tej wersji i nie wiesz jak działa, tylko tak wrzucasz link. Nie? 

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    póki co tak, czekam na stabilną wersję ale jakoś dla mi6 developerzy się nie kwapią na coś bez błędów. O ile na mi5 tylko używałem RR to niestety ale na mi6 się nie sprawdza

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    Na czym polega błąd QC wymieniony na początku? Nie działa wogóle?

    Wysłane z mojego MI 6 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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    to jest przypuszczalny błąd, który niekoniecznie jest na wszystkich wydaniach romu

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