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How To Use iTools 2018 With Windows PC

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    If you are an iDevice user looking for a firmware to transfer files, you  can use iTools 2018, an alternative for official iTunes, which can use either Windows or Mac OS. iOS, the new member iOS 12 to the public since September. However, I am not going to mention a lot about it. And that is about a management device that has been developed for iOS devices. 
    What is iTools?
    Simply it is an iOS management tool and an alternative for iTunes. iTools 4 is the latest version that is available to download and often recommended version. It is a highlight. Highlighted featuresof iTools 2018 and hopes it will use to imagine the bigger picture.

    File Management With Explorer
    Data Backup and restore facilities
    iTools battery master
    Ringtone maker, image tool, icon arranger
    Data migration and much 

    How To Use iTools 2018 For Windows
    Step 1: Download iTools from  and install it properly in your Windows PC
    Step 2: Give a minute to install drivers
    step 3: Take the right USB cable and connect your iDevice to PC
    Step 4: Once the tool detects your device, you get the chance to manage your device according to your preference. And that is all. 

    iTools 4 Latest Update
    iTools 4 is the latest update to the public with the most advanced management techniques. A completely free version available for download. This also comes with the features such as backup and restoration, complete media management, best screen experience, and complete data migration. Supportive with the latest iOS 11 firmware, including the current sign. ITools 4 is compatible with any iOS 11.3 / iOS 11.3.1. Also, jailbreak iOS as well as non-jailbreak iOS devices. 

    Some Disadvantages of iTools 2018
    There are a few disadvantages of iTools.
    iTools Does not allow to access. iTunes store to download items.
    Sometimes showing a little slow when loading items.

    iTools is supportive for Windows and as well as Mac OS. Download and installation method is the same in both. Unfortunately, no way to use iTools directly with the smart device.
    Finally, it is your time to take a tour to figure out more about iTools. Wish you all a Good luck. 

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